Publication «The patriarch and the tsar. Volume 3»

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Trübner and Co.
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  • 03.23.25 History of Russia in the Middle Ages (from the middle of the 12th century to the end of the 16th century)
  • 21.91 History of Atheism, Religions and Churches
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The patriarch and the tsar. Vol. 3. History of the condemnation of the patriarch Nicon by a plenary council of the Orthodox Catholic Eastern Church, held at Moscow A.D. 1666-1667; written by Paisius Ligaride of Scio, ..., who conducted the proceedings against Nicon, and dedicated this history of them to his patron the tsar Alexis Michaelovich / translated, with suppl., by William Palmer. - London : Trübner and Co., 1873. - LXVI, 558 p.